BLACK DIAMONDS: The Untold Story of All-Black High School Athletics in North Carolina

Shortly after the founding of the CIAA, leaders of Black high schools saw the need to bring the same control and legitimacy to the high school ranks. In North Carolina, the first organization was the North Carolina Athletic Federation.

This organization guided athletics at all levels: college, high schools, prep schools and junior colleges. Eventually, this organization was established to better serve the athletes and coaches, as well as the schools.

This organization evolved into the North Carolina Athletic Union, Standard High School Athletic Association, and eventually, the North Carolina High School Athletic Conference (NCHSAC).

The latter name is what it is best known by. By whatever name, this organization managed athletics at the all-Black high schools for nearly 50 years. The era ended in 1969 after integration closed all but five of the 244 Black high schools across the state.

For nearly a decade, Coach Harvey Heartly has worked diligently to research and record the history of the conference and the member schools.
More than 100 of the all-Black high schools sponsored sports programs under the auspices of the NHSAC. Many of the coaches and athletes who became famous in the CIAA, came from the NCHSAC.

Several of the athletes have made it to the Pro Football, Naismith and Baseball Halls of Fame.

After years of research, Coach Heartly and Fred Whitted have collaborated to produce the first book ever written about the NCHSAC. This book will provide a narrative history of the NCHSAC.

This is a valuable part of North Carolina history that is conspicuously missing from North Carolina history books.
For the first time since integration, the documented history of Black high school sports will be available in July 2013. You will get profiles of hundreds of coaches and athletes who were part of this rich history.

This book is being produced as a Special Edition of the Black College Sports Encyclopedia in honor of the great contributions of the coaches and athletes to Black college athletics. Most of the coaches were from HBCUs. It is available through mail order from Black Heritage Review.

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