Black Heritage Review (BHR) is tasked with the development of the HBCU Heritage Center, which will be a museum, library/archive, and research facility housing the history of HBCUs. All of this will be developed around our present collection of photos, books and other materials. This material will be used to develop the individual history of each institution, as well as developing individual exhibits for each HBCU.


The HBCU Heritage Center will be a 100,000-plus square feet, that will include several honor gardens and walk-ways. Each HBCU institution will have its own exhibit, and, there will also be up to a dozen exhibit areas of various sizes, and, a rotunda. There will be special exhibit areas for art, athletics, business, civil rights, education, entertainment, government, history, military, and science.
Through this facility we will tell as much of the HBCU story as possible. Through this facility we will connect, and/or reconnect with alumni and supporters. We will use this to strengthen the historic knowledge about HBCUs. From there, he will supply as much support for individual institutions as possible, and, provide collective support to all HBCUs so that they will continue to stand strong.


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