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This is the official teaching tool to be used for the teaching Black History in accordance with the Black Heritage Review Quiz Bowl Challenge. This process is designed to cover a prescribed amount of information in a short period of time. It will prepare those who participate in the Challenge to answer a myriad of questions that are taken from this specific information. As this unfolds the methods will come clear and the results will be even better than expected.
The 2008 Quiz Bowl Challenge is centered on a seventy year period (1938-2008). This takes into consideration the age of the oldest participants and the average age of their grandparents, which is a major reference point for studying our history. Participants should focus on the years within this time frame. AND, they should carefully make connections with events that may connect from outside this time frame. As you work through this information, it will become clear.

1. The first five will be general history, beginning with a focus on family history. This establishes one’s place in history, beginning with their family roots.

The first step in historic discovery is self-discovery. Before you can know others, you must first get to know how you fit in the grand scheme. This exercise helps you to begin finding how you relate in history.
Using the Pyramid of Life, fill in the pertinent information on yourself, your grandparents and great grand parents (name, date of birth, occupation or profession). Use this information to find the reference points. Then, you should begin to see how you unfold in history, as it relates you and your family.

2. The next focus will be current events. It is important to know what is going on around you. This will give students a sense of their surrounding and make them aware of historic figures they see on the news or read about in newspapers. For instance, when they think of historic businesses, they should refer to Black Enterprise. It has the most accurate information on Black businesses.

Each participant should pay close attention to the news. It would be wise to take notes from the evening news, as well as shows such as Night Line. Note the contributions and service of the Blacks that are covered. Also look at the anniversary celebration of events relating to Blacks, or that Blacks played a major role in. Place your information under the appropriate topic in your notebook. Also, look to see if it falls into more than one category.

3. The third provides look at Black firsts. Through this they begin learning who the first Black to various accomplishments that have made a difference in our community and to America.

The next area to explore is Black firsts. Here you are looking for the first Black to accomplish various things in history. Every topic area has someone who was the Black to make their mark. Your job is to find them. (This is not to be confused with Black inventors.) Look for the first Black governor or admiral or architect, etc. While they may not have been the first person to do a thing, they were the first Black person to make the accomplishment.
4. This is an additional aspect of the Black firsts. It looks at inventors and inventions. Most of these will be persons not commonly known. It should broaden their perspective on history.

Here we are looking for Blacks who invented an item that served to make a major change in our way of life. These may be in the areas of science or in technical fields. They may be items we see everyday or something more obscure. There are lists of items that cover most inventions by Blacks. These should be found and added to your notebook.

5. The final general history page will cover history and historians. They are designed to provide links to those who have worked to research, review and record Black history. It will include a list of books on Black History.

To insure that we cover specific information during the first Quiz Bowl Challenge, we are making it available to you. We are using the Black Heritage Review to provide some of information that will be used to develop questions of the Challenge. These pages will be posted on our web site. You may simply go to the index and find the page you want to review. Each topic will be covered by at least two pages.
Use them as a guide to give your research more depth. While some pages cover specific topics, others are quite general. They will give you an idea of what we are looking for in the general history will be covered.

6. The next ten plans will focus on the individual topics, excluding general history. That has already been covered. Use this list to guide your research and to make sure you are tracking with us. As you review the pages, look for information that may relate to more than one topic. Remember, the information that from the American Role Models program is general and may relate to any topic. Unless the page is specific to business or science, it covers multiple topics.
a. Art and Artists
b. Business
c. Civil Rights
d. Education
e. Entertainment
f. Government
g. HBCUs
h. Military
i. Science
j. Sports

7. There will be a review plan that will cover two weeks. It is designed to determine strengths and weaknesses among students. Once the review is complete, the cycle will be repeated through the topics. Keep in mind that what we provide is foundational. It is up to the coaches and mentors to do the in-depth research. It should be broad but kept in the confines of the information that we are using.

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