Legacy Editions

Legacy Editions of the Black College Sports Encyclopedia (BCSE) is a book that BHR uses to establish the history of each HBCU. In essence, it is a book on the sports history of each HBCU, along with the general history and profiles of outstanding alumni. These books serve as a historic guide, and, as a potential fundraiser for HBCU Heritage Center and the featured institution. Each Legacy Edition sells for $30.00 per copy with $10.00 per copy going to the featured institution.
We have completed Legacy Editions on Winston Salem State, Shaw, Fayetteville State, Livingstone and Claflin. We currently have books available for Livingstone and Claflin.

The BCSE is one of the fundraising components of the HBCU Heritage Center. Each edition will be sold at $30.00 per copy. The football edition will be released in August 2021.