Black College Sports Encyclopedia

The Black College Sports Encyclopedia (BCSE) has long been the source for historic and statistical information on HBCU athletics. For many years it has been produced as a single edition that had grown to nearly 400 pages.

In preparation to update the BCSE it was concluded that the new edition would be far too large, and, regular methods of reducing the size of the publication would result in dropping a lot of information, or, shrinking the fonts to a size that would make parts of the book hard to read.

So, after much consideration it was decided that the BCSE would be divided into three parts. The first portion of the new BCSE edition will be devoted to the history of HBCU football. Containing more than 200 pages, it has been updated through the 2019 season. This includes statistics, records, and profiles of more than 1,200 players and coaches. This is the most concise book ever done on HBCU football.

Each edition will be sold at $30.00 per copy. The football edition will be released in January 2021.

The second portion of the BCSE will be basketball (M/W). It will consist of 200-plus pages that will tell the history of HBCU basketball, along with records and statistics, and profiles of more than 1,000 players and coaches.

The final piece of the collection will be devoted to all of the other sports that have been contested by HBCUs. Most prominent among will be the track and field, to include the HBCU Olympic Experience. Other sports to be included are golf, tennis, wrestling, and boxing.


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Each edition will be sold at $30.00 per copy.

Football Edition